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Who we are

ANZCHOG is a multidisciplinary, cooperative group of professionals working in the fields of paediatric blood diseases and cancer, formed to provide the infrastructure for collaboration to further this mission.

Vision and values

ANZCHOG’s vision is to ensure that all children and adolescents with cancer and associated blood diseases are provided with the highest quality, evidence-based care to ensure optimal outcomes in terms of survivorship and quality of life.

ANZCHOG’s core values are excellence, compassion, commitment and collaboration. All activities are underpinned by evidence-based practice and adherence to the high ethical standards.


ANZCHOG’s primary purpose is to improve outcomes for children and adolescents with cancer and blood diseases through quality research, and best practice and innovation in paediatric cancer clinical trials.

ANZCHOG also has a role in facilitating:

  • education and advancement of knowledge in all aspects of care and treatment
  • advocacy and leadership in the field of childhood and adolescent blood diseases and cancer

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Through the generous help from our supporters, we can improve outcomes for children with cancer and blood diseases.
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