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Early Phase Trials - ACCT

ACCT was established in 2008 to develop 'home-grown' early phase trials and facilitate international trial availability locally through collaboration with North American and European early phase paediatric clinical trial consortia.

Open trials:
  • A Phase1/2 Study of Valproate in Combination with Interferon alpha in Relapsed, Recurrent or Progressive Neuroblastoma
  • RapCV: A Phase I study of Vinorelbine, Cyclophosphamide and Rapamycin for recurrent malignancies in children
Closed trials:
  • A Phase I Study of LBH589 in Paediatric Patients with Refractory Solid Tumours Including CNS Tumours
  • A Phase II Open-Label, Randomized, Multi-centre Comparative Study of Bevacizumab-based Therapy in Paediatric Patients with Newly Diagnosed Supratentorial High-Grade Glioma

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