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The Kids' Cancer Project helping ANZCHOG to open new trials

by Janelle Jones | Jun 22, 2018
The Kids' Cancer Project is providing vital funding to enable ANZCHOG to undertake essential start-up activities for international trials.
rEECur is an international randomised controlled trial comparing combinations of chemotherapies for the treatment of relapsed and primary refractory Ewing sarcoma, developed by the European EuroEwing Consortium (EEC), through University of Birmingham, the international study sponsor. A number of different chemotherapy agents are currently used to treat these patients. rEECur is the first study to directly compare the efficacy and toxicity of treatments in a randomised, controlled study to determine which chemotherapy regimen provides the best outcomes for children diagnosed with relapsed or refractory primary Ewing sarcoma. 

The funding from The Kids’ Cancer Project has enabled ANZCHOG to undertake a range of essential start-up activities for rEECur on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand children’s cancer centres. Importantly, the on-going support from The Kids’ Cancer Project is enabling ANZCHOG to effectively undertake similar start-up activities across a range of forthcoming international trials for other children’s cancer diagnoses.

Please see the media release for further details

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