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Super Max the Turtle is Back!

by Janelle Jones | Aug 31, 2018
Not all heroes wear capes – some are in shells! And now in New Zealand...

For the past two years, a young man named Bryce has been providing support and happiness to children in treatment for cancer. How? With the assistance of Super Max the Turtle, 11-year-old Bryce delivers turtle-themed night lights to kids around Australia… and now New Zealand.

The night lights, made by a company called Cloud b, are easy to sterilise – so they’re perfect for hospital environments – and project stars onto the ceiling. They’re also extremely cute.

If you haven’t read our previous instalment on the Super Max & Bryce Project, back in September 2016, Bryce had the bright idea of giving other kids some comfort and company at night during what can be a very scary time. “Watching me go through seven major surgeries and ongoing treatment is what inspired Bryce to start the project,” says mum Amy. “He simply couldn’t imagine how scary it would be to be a child going through the same thing.”

Since then, with ANZCHOG’s support, he’s raised enough money to give out 1048 Super Max the Turtle night lights to children with cancer all across Australia, including one for every child who was diagnosed last year.

New Zealand is next on Bryce’s travel itinerary, thanks to a generous $15,000 grant from Jetstar to assist him on his mission of goodwill. He’ll be touring their oncology wards with a smile and a gift for the Kiwi kids undergoing treatment. And, as always, he’ll be accompanied by his giant green sidekick – Super Max the Turtle.

Amy adds: “As a result of our trips around Australia and our newfound friendships with so many of the families of the brave little superheroes in treatment, this year Bryce and his sister designed Super Max & Bryce star-covered scarves (for mums/female carers) and star-covered socks (for dads/male carers).”

They’ll be travelling to New Zealand in late August, then around Australia in September. If you’d like the follow their adventures, check out the official Instagram

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