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POSITION STATEMENT: Minimum requirements for mouthcare for paediatric patients with cancer.

A working group, led by a dedicated group of nurses, has developed a position statement outlining the minimum requirements for mouthcare for paediatric patients with cancer. This statement is designed to give general guidance to health professionals in children's cancer centres across Australia and New Zealand to optimize the care provided to patients.

Please contact ANZCHOG if you require further information.

Click here for the Position Statement


COSA, with the invaluable assistance of expert working groups, has developed clinical practice guidance in three areas of AYA cancer management. These are all available on COSA’s wiki site:

Fertility Preservation: This guidance includes advice about discussing fertility risks and options with young people, assessing risk, fertility preservation options, and monitoring for late effects on reproductive function and endocrine and sexual health.

Psychosocial Management
: This guidance covers issues such as communicating effectively with AYAs diagnosed with cancer, supporting AYA relationships, addressing physical issues that impact on psychosocial and psychosexual health and addressing the psychosocial wellbeing of the patient.

Early Detection
:  This guidance is intended to help general practitioners recognise signs and symptoms that could be caused by cancer in their AYA patients, make decisions about appropriate investigations and make a timely referral of AYAs with suspected cancer.

Clinical trials information sheet

ANZCHOG has produced a short information sheet providing information for patients and families on clinical trials.  This information sheet is also available in 7 other languages (see Information in Other Languages )

ANZCHOG Nursing Anti-cancer Therapy Position Statement

ANZCHOG's Nursing Sub-Group has developed a position statement on minimum education and safety in the administration of anti-cancer therapy to children and adolescents. This statement has been endorsed by ANZCHOG.
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